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Fair Districts FLorida

Help PASS amendments #5 & #6 

and DEFEAT amendment #7 
(the Legislature's Poison Pill)

in the November 2 election

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 ACLU Restoration of Voting Rights Project

    The ACLU of Florida seeks volunteer participation in its program to deliver direct
    assistance to Floridians seeking to restore their civil (including voting rights) after a
    felony conviction. We need your help.

    Notwithstanding the 2007 Clemency Rule changes that expedited the Restoration
    of Civil Rights (RCR) process for many Floridians, the process is still slow and
    cumbersome and difficult to understand. Hundreds of thousands of Floridians
    are still denied the most basic right in a democracy – the right to vote. Individuals
    applying for RCR continue to rely heavily on assistance from the ACLU of Florida.

    We seek volunteers in our Miami office to assist callers to our RCR help line and to
    provide administrative support to our Miami-based staff and volunteers who are
    conducing RCR workshops throughout the state. We would like volunteers who
    are able to work a few hours, one or more days each week. Your hours can be
    scheduled according to your availability.

    With your help, the ACLU of Florida can continue to provide direct RCR assistance,
    while we also continue to lead reform efforts in Florida by engaging in public
    education, lobbying the Clemency Board for additional RCR reforms, and pressing
    for a constitutional amendment.

    If you can help us, please contact:
    La Rhonda Odom (lodom@aclufl.org or 786-363-2718)
    Muslima Lewis (mlewis@aclufl.org or 786-363-2729).


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